High School During the week of January 28th we begin the process of registering our 8th grade students for 9th grade classes. Prior to registration, students have a 3-day CAREER LESSON which includes work on interests and skills on our online Career Cruising program. It also involves a self-exploration activity called TRUE COLORS which is presented by Kate Flug, Career Specialist from WITC. Our goals is to help students begin to connect interests, strengths, and potential career goals to course selections in high school.

On Jan 31st high school counselors will be here all day to present information about high school life. On Feb 14th 8th grade students will electronically enter course selections into PowerSchool. On the 31st students receive green registration cards, meet with high school counselors to ask questions and start on their four year high school plan. This is a huge transition for students and they will continue to need our support all the way through high school.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT STUDENTS HAVE A STRONG FINISH TO 8TH GRADE. They need to know how important good academic habits in middle school translate into success in high school. If you have any concerns or questions regarding how your child is doing in school please start by monitoring their progress in POWER SCHOOL. If you have concerns beyond that please be in touch with either teachers or their wing counselor. If you need help setting up a PowerSchool account, contact Stephanie Evans at with the subject "PowerSchool".


Red Wing - Maryann Bonneville 715-394-8740 xt 30326 Blue Wing - Scott Bruce 715-394-8740 xt 30126 Green Wing - Barb Matlack 715-394-8740 xt 30227

Counselors Each wing is supported by a full-time School Counselor who can be reached at:

Scott Bruce, Counselor – Blue Wing                      715-394-8740 x 30126

Barb Matlack, Counselor – Green Wing                  715-394-8740 x 30227

Maryann Bonneville, Counselor – Red Wing           715-394-8740 x 30326

Superior Middle School also has a full-time School Psychologist, Dawn O’Handley, who can be reached at 715-394-8740 x 31115.


We are off to another exciting school year! We are enjoying getting to know our 6th graders. School counselors have spent time in the classroom and attended field trips already this school year. We know it is important to build relationships with our younger students and to support them through their transition into middle school. Less than two months in and they are already comfortable in their new school and fitting in quite nicely!

School counselors will continue to collaborate with classroom teachers to offer lessons in career exploration. It is our district’s mission to prepare ALL kids for college and career readiness. We will spend time getting to know how our interests and personality connect to a career in the future. Students will take a personality assessment and learn how it connects to a career. Students will spend time throughout the school year looking at interests, personality, doing career exploration and career research. We are fortunate to have Career Cruising, a software program, to help plan for  We look forward to this important work as we start the transition into high school.

A school counselor’s role is to support students in both personal and academic areas of their lives. We will continue to work with our middle schoolers in classrooms, small groups, and on an individual basis.

Courage Retreat: Grade 8 had a wonderful opportunity to participate in the Youth Frontiers Courage Retreat in September.  It is a day to inspire students to follow their hearts instead of the crowd, to use their courage and make responsible choices no matter what their fears are in life. Students are encouraged to be themselves and to take a positive risk while making a difference in their own lives, peers, and the school in general. There were three major goals for the day: identify personal fears and understand that everyone has them, commit to acting with courage to make your school a better place, and deepen relationships with classmates to break down social barriers.  

The Youth Frontier members provided a high energy experience through music, activities, presentations, small groups, sharing, and  follow up activities. They also had the assistance of high school student leaders to lead groups, share their personal stories, and to guide the 8th grade students. However, the most inspirational part is the encouragement these students provided to the 8th grade to stand up and be themselves.

At the end of the day all of the participants were encouraged to make a courage pledge.  The courage and acknowledgement of these acts demonstrated the true definition of respect, kindness, hope, acceptance, caring, compassion, and love that changed many lives.

“The retreat helped me look at how I treat others and made me realize how I may be viewed by others.  I want to be known as a kind person, but that means I have to start being kinder to everyone.” ~8th grade student

Youth Frontier presents 775 times a year and 9 out of 10 schools bring them back. Superior Middle School has been lucky and thankful that a special anonymous person has donated the funding to bring Youth Frontiers and the Courage Retreat to our students.