Our School



The Principal of Superior Middle School is Rick Flaherty.  

Email address: Rick.Flaherty@superior.k12.wi.us

Phone: 715-394-8740 xt 107


The Assistant Principal is Dave Jensen.. Mr. Jensen is the contact person for behavior issues.

Email address: David.Jensen@superior.k12.wi.us

Phone: 715-394-8740 xt 117


The Assistant Principal is Dan Hicks. Mr. Hicks works closely with attendance and truancy issues.

Email address: Dan.Arvidson-Hicks@superior.k12.wi.us

Phone: 715-394-8740 xt 155



School Counselors

Each wing is supported by a full-time School Counselor. School Counselors are available to support students in a number of ways that range from 1-1 guidance to specific, identified groups (i.e. grief support, ADHD, harassment, etc.). Students are expected to follow the established procedure prior to visit a counselor.


The counselors can be reached at:


Blue Wing - Scott Bruce 715-394-8740 ext. 116


Green Wing - Barbara Matlack 715-394-8740 ext. 217


Red Wing - Maryann Bonneville 715-394-8740 ext. 114


Academic Teams


The Superior Middle School is divided into three wings: Red Wing, Green Wing, and Blue Wing.  Each wing forms a smaller learning community where students stay together as a cohort during their three years of Middle School.


Each of the three wings has a team of 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade students.  A student will attend the four core courses of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies (Digital Literacy 6 for 6th Graders) in his or her wing and leave the wing for Fine and Applied Arts classes.




School Psychologist

Superior Middle School has a full-time School Psychologist. The School Psychologist, Dawn O'Handley, can be reached at 715-394-8740 ext. 108.


Police Liaison


Our pro-active police liaison program is in place to help students understand “right and wrong” within the law. Part of the police liaison’s responsibilities include investigations and working with city and county agencies to provide solutions for students. In some situations, a student may be charged with violation of city and/or state law/ordinance. The police liaison officer can also assist parents and students who feel a law has been violated. Our police liaison officer, Officer John Heinen, can be reached at 715-394-8740 x 115.


Health Services


A full time nurse provides medical assistance, emergency medical treatment, and administers prescription drugs and all other medications to students in accordance with the District policy. Our school nurses, Jenna Madsen RN and Nina Derick CMP, can be reached at 715-394-8740 x 31117 or 715-394-8757.



Work, Respect, Belong


At the middle school we emphasize the Work, Respect, Belong philosophy. As we work to meet our job expectations as students and adults, we create the best environment for academic success. A positive climate is created by respecting one another within the building and outside in the community. As we work together and respect one another, a greater sense of belonging is cultivated. We believe that every student and adult is important at Superior Middle School. Students practice and live the motto of Work, Respect, and Belong. Various areas of the school have expectations in the themes of Work, Respect, and Belong. Students learn and practice what it means to be working in different settings throughout the school. Students also learn to respect others, and consider how respect applies in different ways throughout the school. Additionally, students are encouraged to be a part of learning by always participating in class and belonging to the school community.