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Even though your child is associated with one wing, we invite you to read our newsletter in its entirety. There is so much information included in this newsletter! There are updates from each grade/wing, fine and applied arts classes, and music classes. Plus, there are many links to resources that provide even more information. Click on the image to read the newsletter - Enjoy!

Our newsletter may be long, but it is FULL of all of the great things going on at SMS!

Dear Parents and Families:  

Starting  September 19th, 2018,  an automated attendance message from Superior Middle School will be informing families at 6:00 pm each evening if a student has been tardy or absent for one or more hours of the day.  In the past this message was sent in the morning and covered the first hours of the day.  However, we want you to be informed about your student’s attendance for the entire school day.   

The automated call message will go out to the first contact listed for the student and will say the following:

 “Hello, this is a message from the attendance office at, Superior Middle School, calling to inform you that your student, (First Name, Last Name) was marked absent during the following periods, (Periods Missed). Please contact the attendance office at 715-394-8748 to clear the absence, or send a signed note or medical excuse upon returning to school.  If you have already contacted the Superior Middle School you can disregard this message.  Thank you.”

Good attendance is critical for student learning and your support is appreciated.  

Thank you,

Rick Flaherty


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