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Message from our District Office: Due to the recent inclement weather days, the Superior School District must add time to our school days in order to be in compliance with Wisconsin's Hours of Instruction requirements. After considering several scenarios and discussing with staff, we will be meeting this requirement by adding 7 minutes to the end of the school day. This change will be effective starting on Monday, February 18 through the end of the school year.

Click on the image to see the new SMS Class Time Schedule that will go into effect Monday, February 18, 2019.

Additional Information from our District Office:
We received many questions about why minutes need to be added to the school day due to recent inclement weather days. As mentioned in our previous communication, the Superior School District must add time to our school days in order to be in compliance with Wisconsin's Hours of Instruction requirements. I have included the message that was sent to all WI school districts earlier this month regarding this requirement.

If we have to call another day off school unexpectedly due to weather, we will reevaluate whether we add minutes or another day to the school year.

Message from WI (DPI):
This email is in response to the numerous inquiries we have had about our current weather situation and the statutory requirement for hours and minutes of direct instruction. For a little context, the Wisconsin State Superintendent does not have the authority to waive hours of instruction statewide (you may have read a news story about the governor in Minnesota giving a blanket waiver to all school districts—the Wisconsin Governor also does not have this authority). School boards, under Wisconsin Stat. 118.38, may request a waiver from DPI after a public hearing is held in the district. Historically, the department has not waived the hours and minutes requirement through this process. We have in the past waived the 180-day requirement (this is no longer a requirement in statute), but never the associated hours and minutes. DPI does not anticipate approving waivers for hours and minutes due to this week’s weather. Districts do have local flexibility to determine the means by which they meet the hours and minutes standards.

Mayor Paine

Pursuit of Happiness

Mayor Jim Payne came to speak with Red 8 on Tuesday, February 5th as part of their career learning. Mayor Payne met with students to discuss how city government works for them and is focused on improving life for the citizens of Superior including the youngest citizens. He shared methods to get involved in the community.

This is part of a larger unit that seeks to help students prepare for life after high school. Other activities have included Ms. Bonneville and Katie Flug from WITC working with students to learn about their personalities, skills and which careers would best suit their interests.

Ms. Prescott has been working with students to learn about other important components of adulthood happiness like hobbies and civic engagement. Students have explored ways others use their hobbies, interests and skills to pursue their happiness. They have also learned about methods past students have gotten involved in our community and world. They are creating their own plan to become a "Superior Hero".

Thank you to Mayor Jim Paine for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk us!

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