Student Activities

2018-19  Superior Middle School Intramural    Offerings

 Running Club—September 13th-October 11th
Tennis—September 17th –October 17th 
Basketball—September 18th-October 18th 
American Sign Language Club-October 1st-December 3rd
Volleyball—October 30th-December 6th 
Archery—October 30th-December 6th
Bigger, Faster, Stronger-November 12th-January 30th and February 4th - March 6th
Lacrosse -December 4th -January 24th
Swimming - January 21st - March 7th

American Sign Language Club - January 7th - March 18th

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All registration for Intramural sports will be done online using ePayTrak.

How to sign up for Intramurals using ePayTrak