2018 Picture Day Info

2018 Picture Day Info
Posted on 09/24/2018
2018 Picture Day Info

Re-takes are November 1st.

We have contacted Lifetouch to have them clarify when orders can be placed after pictures have been taken.

All students had their pictures taken 9/24, no matter if they ordered ahead of time or not. Students who were absent will have a chance to have them taken on re-take day, November 1st.

When the pictures arrive in a couple of weeks, those who did not pre-order will receive a proof sheet. On that sheet will be a Portrait ID and Access Code.

You can then visit the website and order pictures anytime in the 9 month period that is stated on the site.

The code provided on the yellow flyer that was posted earlier is only used until the pictures that were taken yesterday are sent to be processed. There will be up to a 2 week period where ordering won't be possible and then once you have your proof sheet you can start placing orders.

An advantage of waiting for the proof sheet is you can see all of the alternative backgrounds and pick the one(s) you like! Order school pictures for holiday gifts for relatives!

If you have questions and would like to speak to Lifetouch directly, you can call Dana at 218-328-3068